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Google To Host Android Indie Games Festival

Google are planning to host their own indie game festival in San Francisco to promote smaller Android developers this September. They will handpick 30 of the best games to showcase and will decide upon 3 winners, whom will receive prizes such as tickets to Google’s I/O developer conference. Judging by the application requirements, they’re open to […]

Take A Tour Of The Batcave With Google Maps

We know people have some mixed feelings about the latest superhero release, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, any nerd would be shunned for saying that they didn’t want a tour of the Batcave. Much to the delight of comic book fans everywhere, Google has made it possible to tour the Batcave in Google Maps, showing […]

Google Reveals Top Searches for 2015

Google has released their list for 2015’s top searches and it is looking to be a mix including some really unexpected results! Google has broken this down into two really interesting sections. The first explores the year’s biggest moments by grouping all the searches surrounding that event, such as 897 million searches were made on […]

Google Have Prototyped Star Trek Communicator Badge

As if the last few days haven’t cemented the fact that Google employs plenty of geeks, this will definitely confirm it.  Google Senior VP Amit Singhal recently showed off a wicked little prototype device based on the Star Trek communicator. The lapel pin similar to the ones that were originally introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation is activated with […]