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Animated Lady – Cosplay Gallery

With the release of Moana coming up soon I’ve been on a bit of an animated lady buzz as of late. There have been some amazing characters, heros, villains, damsels and daredevils to admire in recent years. Their animation styles are numerous and all have their special appeal. The characters themselves are even more unique […]

Too Floof To Be Sweet

Keeping in with the cute as a button theme for today and it would not be complete without a few pictures of some cutie animals. Fear not you’re not the only one who loses hours looking (swooning) over those many doggo pictures online, because we certainly do. These are some cute floofs with a twist. […]

Fantastic Cosplay – Gallery

Feeling nostalgic, today I am taking a look back at some amazing DragonCon cosplays from previous years. If you don’y know about DragonCon it is huge convention that focuses on SciFi and Fantasy. This year it celebrated its 30th Birthday. The thing I love the most about DragonCon are all the insanely talented cosplays. It just […]

Thomas Kinkade Disney Paintings – Gallery

Young or old, Disney holds a special place in the hearts of many. From the classic animated movies to the newer reboots. There is something for everybody to like. Artist Thomas Kinkade took his love for Disney and made some absolutely astonishing pieces of art that would have any Disney fan in awe. Taking inspiration from […]