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Nerd Hero – Kevin Smith

For this week’s Nerd Hero, I have chosen one of my own personal heroes: Kevin Smith. Not only do I admire him, but I have found him to be quite the inspiration. Due to his work with his friend Ralph Garman on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, I became a podcaster. Kevin is not only my Nerd Hero, but he […]

Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Has Found Its Director

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Disney live-action Mulan has finally found its directors. Niki Caro will take the position as director. Caro is perhaps best known for her breakthrough family drama Whale Rider from 2002.  Disney also considered other female directors, including Patty Jenkins and Michelle MacLaren before eventually settling on Caro. Disney have been working hard to ensure they […]

Sofia Copolla Abandons 'The Little Mermaid'

Apparently coming up with new ideas is not the new trend so we can expect a backlog of rehashed stories over the coming years from Hollywood. It’s been confirmed that Sofia Copolla has dropped out of the live-action adaptation of classic (re: overdone) fairytale The Little Mermaid.  It was only in March of this year […]

Death Note Project Confirms Director

Yup this project isn’t dead… yet… quick someone write its name in the book! No, there are people out there genuinely excited about a Death Note remake for western audiences and now Warner Bros. have reportedly signed on director Adam Wingard to lead their project. Now there are already two Japanese live action movies about […]

Has Spider-Man Found Its Director?

The rumors are flying fast but it’s altogether possible that the Spider-Man reboot has it’s director with Drew Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods) being pinned to take the chair this time round. Considering that not too long ago we got our deepest Spidey wishes with Sony confirming that Spider-Man would indeed join the MCU […]