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These Cat Ear Headphones Are The Purrfect Accessory

What you’re about to see, are some of the most purrfect headphones ever created (sorry I couldn’t help myself).Seriously though, who needs Beats, when you can get your meowsic (last one I promise) fix with these stylish headphones! Created by Axent Wear, consisting of Berkeley graduates Wenqing ‘Yuumei’ Yan and Victoria Hu, the Cat Ear Headphones […]

Cat Crowned Halloween King

Just give up! Put the latex down! Take the makeup off! Put the bin bags back into the press under the sink! This cat has taken the Halloween crown! Never ever has a cat looked so adorable and so angry at the same time! He’s working and hating every second he wears the costume proving […]

Cats Own The Internet! Here’s Why!

Most people think the internet was created by a bunch of smelly humans sitting in a small room typing random letters back and forth and checking to see if they went from one computer to another. That’s half right! Those were the days, the beginning and humble origins of the way society, yours and ours […]

Cat’s Meow: Catchy Cat Classic Tracks

Firstly let me say something on behalf of my fellow felines; it is a disgrace to humankind that there isn’t a single symphony written about us cats! Someone needs to rectify this soon or our hand will be forced into action! While there aren’t the symphony we’ve demanded down through the centuries these musical pieces […]

Review: My Cat Pip Just Launched

All your wee children, nieces, nephews, siblings will love this !  Easily the cutest little kitten in the app store.  My Cat Pip for iPad is the very first game app based on the cheeky little black cat created by author and illustrator Karen Bendy.  Offering jigsaw and hidden object fun for children aged three and […]