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Stars Wars Episode NEON

Look if the 80’s thought us anything it’s that neon lights are the greatest invention known to man! So when I found out that YouTuber Neonardo, had redone the Star Wars Episode VII trailer in neon, I realised it was my responsibility to share it! Enjoy! Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder of cats. […]

3 Step Christmas Tech Detox

I don’t know about you but I’m all for a little reset during the Christmas time where I can recharge my batteries and get a bit of a break for the social media side of things. So for all those little introverts like myself or those who just need to take a tiny break, here […]

Good Omens Special Coming To BBC Radio 4

Good news for Terry Pratchett fans, a radio drama adaptation of Good Omens is scheduled for the Christmas period! News from the official Terry Pratchett page broke this morning as well as images of the cast and crew including Neil Gaiman and the leads Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap. More news on Good Omens coming to BBC Radio […]