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3 Step Christmas Tech Detox


I don’t know about you but I’m all for a little reset during the Christmas time where I can recharge my batteries and get a bit of a break for the social media side of things. So for all those little introverts like myself or those who just need to take a tiny break, here is a list of a few things that can help you with the detox.
Don’t fret too much as these are just some short baby steps to help and don’t need you to chop off your arm. unless you want to, but that’s kind of weird.

mobile-appsTemporarily Delete Your Mobile Apps

One of the main comforts for most people is checking their phone and apps. Most of the time a lot of people aren’t even aware that they are doing it. You don’t really need Twitter or Facebook for a few days and it is just a temptation. Deleting those apps will give you a little bit more mana, and remove you being able to log in at ease. Besides, you leave the selfies for the other 364 days, share your endless banter with your family!

iPad-iPhone-haloOne Device At A Time

Most of  us use more gadgets than we need to at the same time. For this detox,  try to use one piece of tech at time, no multitasking. So for example maybe try to just use the iPad when not watching TV. Multitasking puts you in a stressed out mentality. If you are focusing on one thing at time you’ll be more effective with tasks and can give your undivided attention to that show/book/movie pile you’ve been neglecting. Seriously, how much good stuff have you missed this year? Now’s your chance to finally catch-up!

700-01164977Have A Tech Free Meal

A lot of us can’t resist the checking of the phone under the table to check if something came up on Facebook or Twitter. Try and take this time with your family as an opportunity to put the phone away and enjoy the food and chat. Y’know, human interaction,its good sometimes. There are poepl who exist as more than Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can have a real conversation. Good for the soul!
However you spend your Christmas, have a tech-lite one and enjoy yourself!