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7 Characters With Worse Jobs Than Yours


Oh boy, it’s great to be back to work… said no one ever unless of course your job is super awesome/easy but if not then fret not! You are not the only one and we are all going to just have to suck it up and get back to the grind! However I am taking comfort (and you should too) that there are people out there with tougher/crappier jobs than the rest of us and by people I of course mean characters from comics, video games and more – so let’s take a look at jobs that are definitely 100% worse than our own!

Super Mario – Plumber

There’s nothing wrong with being a plumber, a person who knows their trade can make a decent living with it but for Mario plumbing certainly doesn’t mean installing water fixtures and repairing broken pipes. No our Mario unfortunately travels through warp pipes winding up in the Mushroom Kingdom where undoubtedly finds himself stuck in a battle between the forces of Princess Peach and reptilian overlord, Bowser.
Mario-Warp-Pipe-566x360Something tells me that Mario would prefer the safety of unclogging a blocked sink to hordes of terrifying sentient mushrooms and ferocious turtles.

Selina Kyle – Secretary Executive Assistant to Max Shreck

tumblr_lqon9ui0vr1r2qnvto1_500Selena was just doing her job but the bumbling assistant was unfortunately working for a pretty callous boss. Not one to shy away from her responsibilities though Selena set out to impress her boss, returning to the office after yet another bout of humiliation hand delivered by her employer – why? She was trying to read up on work details so as to better prepare herself for the job… only she accidentally stumbled across her boss’ plans to steal power from Gotham city.
Her want to better her career chances led to being pushed out the top floor window of Shreck offices, a fall that would see her reborn as Catwoman (yay).

Aikuro Mikisugi – Homeroom Teacher – Kill la Kill

It’s not so much the fact that being a teacher is a tough job (it really is despite those summer holidays!) but I think that in this case Aikuro Mikisugi probably made some wrong choices on his career path. Firstly he’s teaching at a school that is actually run by the students, students who possess ridiculous powers  and secondly… well he is a nudist… something that would probably impact his profession… teaching children!

Everyone at Umbrella Corp – Resident Evil

Whether you’re talking about the video games or the movies, it just literally sucks to work for Umbrella Corp… like really!

Burn’s Nuclear Power Plant Employee – The Simpsons

No other show could make working at a nuclear power plant seem like a place to work… that is until you put incompetent employees and a corrupt boss into the mix. The Burns nuclear power plant is responsible for mutating wildlife, it has come close to several meltdowns not to mention the terrible employee regulations and protections. Most of the employees at one point or another have been exposed to lethal doses of radiation, Mr. Burns included.
At one stage Homer managed to blow up a simulator meant to test his skills and irradiated himself to the point he was almost hulk like, did I mention Blinky, the three eyed fish yet?
In terms of employee protections, Burns has tried to stamp out unions, he has sold the plant to Germans intent on making cuts and he’s exported the company’s workforce to India laying off hundreds of employees…

City Guard – Skyrim

latestLife starts out pretty good, you’ve got a great career as an adventurer, exploring the world, battling dragons and looting abandoned ruins for lost treasure then one day *BAM* you take an arrow to the knee. You are all of a sudden relegated to guard duty in a city somewhere and you’re life is now spent walking city streets watching as a new hero calling himself the ‘Dragonborn’ storms in and everyone loves him, despite his incessant need to pick-pocket, ask you stupid question after stupid question not to much the havoc he wreaks on the local economy!
Oh sure let’s celebrate him… not the guys and girls keeping the city safe!

Winston Smith – Lara Croft’s Butler

He served his time in the army before receiving an honourable discharge for his service seeking employment, Winston Smith took a position serving the Croft family in their glamorous mansion! The rifle has been replaced with a silver platter and your boss is an intrepid adventurer who spends most of her time away from the family home so you have it pretty good!
That is until she returns… and dresses you up in safety gear and uses you for target practice… then locks you in the freezer for all your troubles!