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Boss Rush: Your ELO

This week on Boss Rush, we’re going to be doing something a little different. As our regular readers will know, this is usually the segment wherein we’ll talk about some of our favourite, unbeatable bosses. However, for the last few weeks, there’s only one unbeatable boss I’ve been facing off with; my own ELO. For […]

Undertale – Boss Rush

These days, the overnight success of Undertale seems like nothing, as this year both Overwatch and Pokemon Go have taken the world by storm two times over. Undertale was my game of the year in 2015, and I wasn’t alone, as the game’s popularity spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, spawning many discussions on the simplistic yet dark […]

Carla (Monkey Island) – Boss Rush

Okay, I’m slightly cheating with this article. This isn’t really a boss, more like a specific mechanic in a point and click game, but I don’t care. It involves a fight with someone else, so this is a boss of sorts. And my favourite thing of Monkey Island as well!  For the sake of transparency, […]

Boss Rush: Sakit (La-Mulana)

La-Mulana is a fiendishly challenging game. When it was first developed back in 2005 as a freeware game, it was intended to be a love letter to the MSX and the games the devs enjoyed as kids, from things like the colour palette and the difficulty aspect. Years later it got a remake with a […]

Zulf – Boss Rush

Spoiler Warning for Bastion  It’s hard for me to nail down what exactly counts as a boss character in Supergiant’s Bastion. Creatures like the Anklegator showed their boss form in Queen Anne and the Gasfellas had their Foreman, but they’ll always just be another feather in the cap of enemies you face in the wake […]