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Boss Rush – Who Objects To Phoenix Wright?

Boss Rush – Who Objects To Phoenix Wright?


It goes with saying that every game gives the player a new and formidable foe per game with franchises giving multiple and it goes without saying that the Ace Attorney series has given us some of the most colourful and eccentric characters from handheld game series. Not only has it given us some amazing characters but also some of the most formidable and head wrecking bosses in gaming history and now we have had the news that the sixth instalment of the series is coming to the West this September. So this week’s Boss Rush we will take a look at some of the more formidable foes otherwise known as the prosecutors of the Ace Attorney series with the exception of the daunting Manfred Von Karma who we have already given an entire Boss Rush.

Godot – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

Now for anyone who did not make it past the first two instalments of the Ace Attorney series will not Godot_Portraitrecognise this formidable and pain in your side smooth talking prosecutor who came into the mix in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations. When you first meet Godot real name Diego Armando he is a smooth talking coffee sipping, eye mask wearing new prosecutor, he is not really fond of Phoenix and has a real attitude against him but in reality he actually has quite the sad back story. No spoilers because it really is a game worth playing as not only do you get a whole truck load more Mia Fey in there but you also get a real insight into this man’s life and what happened to him. Let’s just say an old baddie we know all too well comes knocking around again with her special brew and things do not go well for Diego.

Franziska von Karma – Phoenix Wright – Justice For All

AAI_Franziska_von_Karma_Angry_2There is no way we could do an Ace Attorney Boss Rush without including at least one of the Von Karma prosecutors and since there is already a Manfred one here we are taking a quick look at his fiery daughter who burst onto the scene as the main antagonist of the second instalment Phoenix Wright – Justice For All. This woman is all kinds of daddy issues crazy and really can you blame her with a father like Manfred Von Karma? Coming into the series following the departure of Miles Edgeworth really Franziska brought a breath of fresh air to the Ace Attorney mix with a new brand of beat down for Phoenix and poor old Gumshoe, brandishing a whip her objections make you jump straight out of your seat when you hear the crack of that whip which was usually aimed at Phoenix or Gumshoe. She is nearly just as slimy as her father when it comes to being a prosecutor but you do get more of a sense to her being a human being as things do get to her but the best part of her is the relationship between Miles Edgeworth and herself that develops throughout the rest of the games including the spin off Investigations games.

Miles Edgeworth – Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney

No surprise really is it? Miles Edgeworth is now seen as a protagonist since he is Phoenix’s childhood AAI_Miles_Edgeworth_Tied-up_Normal_2friend but people tend to forget that he is not only an antagonist but the original antagonist of the Ace Attorney series and can be seen as more of a rival for Phoenix Wright. Keeping spoilers to a minimum for anyone who has not played Ace Attorney but Miles Edgeworth has one of the saddest back story which developed into who he is in present day game time. From the DL-6 Incident of his childhood to his present day catastrophe to do with the same case this man cannot catch a break. Miles Edgeworth winds up leaving the series to have a journey of self-discovery since the entire event which he built his life on was suddenly turned upside down with the revelations at the end of the first game, he had become this formidable prosecutor who would do literally anything to win a case, even tamper and create evidence to support claims. His courtroom reactions are some of the best in the game where his face turns near demonic but he is usually quick to recover and usually without messing up his fabulous mop of grey hair.

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