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Screen Savers – Alien³ (Alien Cubed)

Alien 3, or Alien Cubed as I often call it, is my least favourite Alien film. And this includes AVP and actually… wait… AVP Requiem could be worse, I apparently just unblocked memory of that film. Well if nothing else, Requiem was technically horrendous in that you can barely see what’s happening throughout the film, […]

5 Aliens I Want In My Squad

You know the drill. You’re getting ready on a friday night. Your hair’s done, your outfits planned to perfection and your guns are fully loaded. What? You don’t do that for a night out? Weird! Anyway, it’s time to set out and take the galaxy by storm! Whether it’s film, TV or games nerd culture […]

Aliens – Style Saturday

In case you hadn’t heard, the Rosetta Probe mission ended yesterday, and in honour of that today’s theme on The Arcade is ‘ALIENS & SPACE’. We put together two outfits for men and women inspired by aliens so take a look below and hopefully you’ll be inspired to rock some alien space fashion this weekend! Women For the […]

Aliens Live Events Announced

RTÉ Concert Orchestra’s hugely popular screenings with live score is James Cameron Aliens, score by James Horner. It will take place Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Tickets are on sale this Monday, 15th July! These are phenomenal events where a movie is shown on a massive cinema screen, as […]

Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise fought aliens in War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise fought aliens in Oblivion. Both movies were given a lukewarm reception. But I guess third time is a charm. Tom Cruise fan or not, Edge of Tomorrow has everything you want to see in a summer blockbuster. Brian reviews the 'Edge of Tomorrow'.