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Akame Ga Kill! Manga To End In 15th Volume

Manga series Akame ga KILL! originally launched in Square Enix’ monthly Gangan Joker magazine in 2010. The fourteenth volume of Akame ga KILL! manga announced the conclusion of the series will come in its next volume, volume fifteen. The series by Takahiro and Tashiro entered its final arc in 2014, in its twelfth volume. A prequel released in 2013 […]

Japanese Balloon Artist Creates Anime Replicas

A Japanese balloon artist, known only as Ke63, has been attracting some attention on Twitter lately with their balloon creations. Most of these creations are amazingly accurate recreations of some well loved anime characters. The latest from Ke63 is the Sealing Wand from anime series Cardcaptor Sakura (whatever happened to that show!?) as well as various […]

The Pokemon Company Announce A New Manga

The Pokemon Company has announced a new manga series based on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The series will start in the September and will be part of Japanese manga magazine, CoroCoro. The manga will focus on a new trainer named Akira and his Rockruff during their travels through the Alola region. 9月15日(木)よりコロコロコミックで、『ポケットモンスター サン・ムーン』の世界を舞台にした新マンガがスタート! 詳しくは8月12日(金)発売号をチェック! #ポケモン_サン・ムーン pic.twitter.com/YIt0Dl7EYK — […]