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Six Absolutely Essential Films for Single Pringles on Valentines Day

Are you in love? Who cares! Shut up about it. We don’t like you. To be fair though, it is mostly jealousy on our part, due to the fact that we don’t get to watch romantic comedies with that special someone. Instead we have to opt for movies reserved to those stuck in the limbo […]

Dungeons and Etiquette – Role-play Diary

You traverse through the murky swampland, picking up muck in your boots and a faint whiff of decay in your nostrils. A glistening door shimmers in the distance not tethered by any frame. It looks shiny. It looks inviting. The key in your pocket glows. Will you use the key? As any roleplay savvy player […]

Gallery: Breathtaking Backgrounds

To say that a piece of work is “Breathtaking” is an often overused term, but in the category of high-caliber digital art such as these creations by ThreeDeee, it is the most prominent word that comes to mind. Upon witnessing these images below, there is a sensation of feeling very small. The scope and the […]

Icons Of Horror Set To Join Forces In Death House

Popular icons of horror are set to make a dramatic comeback. An upcoming production entitled Death House is promising gore, anarchy and lunacy in a premise that describes the setting as the “Area 51 of evil”, according to iHorror. It is said to be an Expendables-style movie that pits legend against legend in an asylum […]

Comics 101: Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Deadpool hits cinemas today, riding on a wave of positive feedback from a slew of critics who caught it on early release. The self-professed merc with a mouth brings his off brand style of beatboxing during beatdowns and impassioned systemic crumbling of the fourth wall to the big screen. To say that the loudmouth mutant is […]

Comicphiles: Super Spider Knight of Krypton

When your multi-verse needs a little sprucing up, its time for a refresh! This foray into first issues territory is brought to you by Marvel and DC Comics. The two big figureheads of the comic book industry are always good as an eternal source for retconning their past work in favor of reviving it anew. […]

The Internet Reacts To The Fine Brothers (UPDATED)

UPDATE: As of last night, The Fine Brothers have announced they are ceasing to trademark the term “React” and have abandoned their plans for ‘React World’. In a Medium post, they stated, “We realize we built a system that could easily be used for wrong. We are fixing that.” Adding, “The reality that trademarks like […]

Tomb Raider Fan Film ‘Boom Raider’ Is Explosive

Australian film-makers Fury Fingers have brought to life a tale of intrigue with our favourite archaeologist Lara Croft. Straight from the creation of the original title back in 1996, fans have been wating to see the adventures of gaming’s biggest heroine in a live action capacity. Pending mixed reviews of the two movies made in the […]

Suicide Squad Statues On The Way

Get your wallets ready! It is time for swanky Suicide Squad merchandise. Whether you like the design of the characters of the film or not, you have to appreciate the effort and detail put into these affordable miniature recreations. These are a must for avid collectors of DC memorabilia, given that they are the first figures […]

Comicphiles: The Detective Invaders of Purgatory

Happy Comicphiles day! On this week’s edition, we are looking at three different comics with cover art that elicits feelings of warmth with their summer toned colour palettes. This sting of the winter is still wafting through the air in the new year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t warm ourselves up by curling around […]