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Animaniacs – Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday morning tv for me consisted 3-4 hours of non-stop cartoons, from X-Men to Batman: The Animated Series (classic!) and everything inbetween. A long time favourite though for myself and my siblings was the one and only Animaniacs. You’re singing the theme tune in head right now, aren’t you? Warner Brothers – and sister! Influenced […]

Comicphiles – Wolverine and X-23: True Believers

With the recent success of the latest X-Men installment Logan, I decided to pick up some new comics to continue on my favourite Marvel streak. By the way, if you enjoy a solid action film and HAVEN’T seen Logan yet, get your ass to the cinema pronto! Emotional, gritty and downright harrowing at times, this […]

Becoming Buffy (Parts 1 & 2) – Style Saturday

In honour of the legendary tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was 20 years old yesterday (March 10th), I’ve brought you some style ideas in honour of the main lady herself – Buffy Summers. This show had a huge influence on me from the age of about 10 or 11, and upwards (yes, I’m that […]

5 Board Games To Play At Parties

Personally, I love board games. Be it new-age card games, Cluedo, Pictionary or just plain old Snap, my favourite type of party is a games party. Except Monopoly. Monopoly can go dive off a cliff. After a recent night in – with both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers – I decided to make a list of […]

LeakyCon 2017 Comes To Dublin

LeakyCon is an ‘unofficial’ fan event hosted by UK/USA based events company Mischief Management. I put ‘unofficial’ in inverted commas because it may not be endorsed by Warner Bros or JK Rowling‘s people, but it has been THE place to be for all Harry Potter fans for many years. Now in it’s 8th year, LeakyCon promises […]

‘The Chain’ – Fleetwood Mac – Track of the Day

In honour of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer, our track of the day today is Fleetwood Mac‘s classic ‘The Chain’. From their best-selling album Rumours, ‘The Chain’ was released in February 4 1977, making it 40 years old this week! Not only is it one of Fleetwood Mac‘s best songs, and my personal […]

Disney Release New Pirates Of The Caribbean Trailer

This year’s Disney Super Bowl slot has been lent to the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer, titled Dead Men Tell No Tales. I’m not gonna lie, I am excited. Based on a Disneyland park ride, the original Pirates trilogy tells the story of pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and his somewhat mishap adventures with Elizabeth Swann […]

You Should Watch… Arrival

Released late last year, Arrival is a sci-fi drama directed by Sicario director Denis Villeneuve. Starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, alongside Forest Whitaker, the story centres around linguistic professor Louise Banks (Adams) as she tries to communicate with a mysterious alien arrival. Personally, this was probably the best film I saw last year. I was […]

‘Arsonist’s Lullabye’ – Hozier – Track Of The Day

The first time I was introduced to this song, I was working on a theatre production about a drug. A drug that exposed your inner most fears and regrets, awakening the demons you’ve tried to keep in check for so long. Pretty apt when you have a listen to the deep yet poignant lyrics on […]

Freaks And Geeks – ReWatch

I recently rewatched Paul Feig‘s quirky show Freaks and Geeks and man, I had missed that show. First aired in 1999, the retro sitcom follows a group of misfitted high-school students in the early 1980s. Paul Feig is a well-known actor, director and producer, with credits such as Bridesmaids, Spy and Sabrina The Teenage Witch, yet this […]