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‘Arsonist’s Lullabye’ – Hozier – Track Of The Day

‘Arsonist’s Lullabye’ – Hozier – Track Of The Day


The first time I was introduced to this song, I was working on a theatre production about a drug. A drug that exposed your inner most fears and regrets, awakening the demons you’ve tried to keep in check for so long. Pretty apt when you have a listen to the deep yet poignant lyrics on this track by Hozier, from the EP From Eden.

Silver screen

I have since learned that “Arsonist’s Lullabye” has featured on many well known tv/film productions, including the trailer for Ben Affleck‘s latest flick Live By Night. Previously, it broke one Shazam’s records after featuring on The Walking Dead as well as featuring on Netflix’s trailer for their show Marco Polo back in 2014. (2014?? Seriously, where is the time going at all!?!)

What I really love about this song is just how dark it is, yet is hidden in beautiful melody and a steady beat. It hits the true natures of the blues perfectly – beautiful and melancholy. In a way, you feel empowered by songs like these because even though they highlight the worst in us, there’s hope or at least retribution to be had. This sound has really made a comeback since the success of Hozier‘s career as well as with shows such as True Detective and The Walking Dead gaining such popularity. The blues will never dies so long as we embrace the dark side in us.

Here’s the full original track, have a listen and see what you think!