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Interview: Dela – Idol Music & Conquering The World

In the underground car park of Akihabara’s UTX building (which some of you may know from Love Live!), Tokyo’s summer’s-coming humidity is intense, to say the least. My best shirt is pasting itself to my back and I can feel my face flushing with every step through the dense, soggy corridors in search of Dela, […]

5 Reasons Japan Is Actually Pretty Great – Life In Japan

In my last Life in Japan column, I may have come across a little negative. While I absolutely stand by what I wrote, and can do so comfortably because Japanese people are too polite to argue with me, there is a reason I’m still here. Japan is a pretty great place all things considered, and […]

5 Reasons Japan Is Not That Great – Life In Japan

I’ve been living in Japan for just under a year and a half now and have been, for the most part, using this column as an excuse to gush about it. Fourteen years ago something awoke in me that would, fourteen years later, take me to the land of the rising sun, and while I’ll […]

You’ll Never Beat The Irish – Life In Japan

I had a conversation with a Japanese friend of mine last week about his recent trip to Taiwan. I asked the usual questions, how was the food, how was the weather etc., but have to admit that his answer when asked about the people caught me slightly off guard. Taiwanese people, he said, had a […]

Attack On Titan – Import Review

Attack on Titan has a pretty spotty reputation as far as adaptations go. The hugely popular manga – itself highly criticized as being not particularly good looking – gave us an anime that pretty much took over the world – and was highly praised for being particularly good looking –  but also went on to […]

Cagayake!GIRLS (K-On! Houkago Live!!) – Boss Rush

Rhythm action games might seem like a thing of the past to those of us in the western world, but that’s certainly not the case in Asia. Where you won’t find as many plastic guitars gathering dust in the closets of many Japanese gamers, you will find that, for example, the PSP is still a […]

#TeamCap – Ant-Man – Civil War Dossier

Who Is Ant-Man? From his comic book debut in Tales to Astonish #27 in 1962 to his MCU debut in 2015, Ant-Man has been a character that has piqued peoples interest and broadened their mind to the possibilities of superhero movies where even the little guy can win. Renowned in the comics as an original Avenger, […]

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Is Coming Back To London

As we reported earlier this year, J-Pop superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is celebrating her fifth anniversary as a recording artist by embarking on her third world tour, and Irish fans will be happy to hear that she has officially announced a date in London. The 5ive Anniversary Monster World Tour will take over London’s KOKO […]

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Rewind

Evangelion has long since hit that elusive popularity sweet spot between worldwide cult recognition and why-is-there-so-much-of-this-where-do-I-even-begin-what-the-fuck fuckery. In 2015, you’re either into Evangelion, out of Evangelion, or likely too daunted by its sprawling canonical debates and revisions to even consider giving it a shot. If that last one is you, I’m gonna try and make […]

Hokkaido – The Great White North | Life In Japan

It’s probably common knowledge that Japan is a nation of extremes. Its people are known as much for their obsession with manners as they are for their obsession with how flagrantly foreigners disregard them. Young ladies are generally shy to the point of self-implosion but businessmen read hentai on the train and give approximately zero […]