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The Next Call Of Duty Is Set To Be Revealed This Week, After Community Solves Cryptic Clues!

The Next Call Of Duty Is Set To Be Revealed This Week, After Community Solves Cryptic Clues!


If you missed the news, the next Call of Duty title is seemingly set to be revealed this Friday. This comes after a set of streamers and the COD community, banded together to solve a convoluted and cryptic set of clues, which were given to a number of Call of Duty streamers and influencers. 

It began when a number of locked crates were delivered to influencers from Activision, with instruction to open them on Monday 10th August at 12pm ET (5pm Irish time). Upon opening the crates, they were greeted with a slide projector, labeled slides containing images of countries, locations & other ciphers and a redacted dossier. All of these were a set of clues, which would have to be combined to begin solving the puzzle. An example of the slides can be seen below, via @charlieINTEL on Twitter. 

The next set of steps were figuring out how and what was needed to solve this truly head scratching mystery. We’ll take the following info from a live stream by YouTuber NoahJ456. With a collaborative mix of other streamers, the COD community and combining information from other crates, they deduced the secret would be revealed in Black Ops IIII map Summit. 

By overlapping the slides and using the ciphers in the map to put over a number scrambled letters and clock faces, a string of words ‘Bish, You Were Here’ – lead them to a chess match from 1972 during the Cold War, where Russian player Boris Spassky took on American Robert James Fischer. Fisher won the match, but it was a particular move that lead to the next clue.

Although there was continued figuring out to do, the group thought it involved the bunkers in Warzone and tried to use some numbered codes on the bunker keypad. They were joined live by a number of players in-game, as the stream reached over 2 million vies and over 150k concurrent viewers.

Eventually, with a little bonus clue from Treyarch, with a thirteen letter string with the letter ‘K’ in the middle, they figured out the code refereed to another string of letters, revealed the term ‘Eleven Turn White’, which in the chess match was Pawn Takes Pawn. After trying it as a web address, they discovered pawntakespawn.com/tv was a live website. It had a 70’s era TV set, a phone, a video player, a background map of Warzone and two pawns. The video player was flashing 12:00 and 08:14, which lines up with 14th August at 12pm.

A huge congratulations has to be given to the COD (Zombie) community in solving this unbelievably complex puzzle. You can watch the whole five hour process on NoahJ456‘s YouTube channel, but here is a quick clip below.

Further news came from NoahJ456, that Activision confirmed this is only the first step in the reveal for the next Call of Duty, which will take place on Friday August 14th at 12pm ET (5pm Irish time).

The next COD is said to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. Expect to hear more news Friday.