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Rayquaza Takes A Real Bite Out Of Pokémon

Rayquaza Takes A Real Bite Out Of Pokémon


It is one of those questions many Pokémon fans have often pondered. Do our favourite little pocket monsters feed off each other? Well short answer is… yes!

If you are a Trainer who takes the time to consult their Pokédex after catching a new Pokémon you won’t be surprised by this fact. In Pokémon Red/Blue the entry for Pidgeot read:

“When hunting, it skims the surface of water at high speed to pick off unwary prey such as Magikarp.”

Now it doesn’t say it rips the flesh off the fish Pokémon and swallows it whole but it doesn’t have to, it’s hardly picking up Magikarp for fun. Well if you need more proof Pokémon Sun & Moon: The Series have confirmed the fact now too. In a horrifying sort of way!

Rayquaza the Sky High Pokémon turned up in the anime recently; appearing before Ash and co. The group witnessed a flock/swarm/gaggle/group of Minior turn to dust. The dragon Pokémon shows up and devours the dusty remains of the Minior before absconding; it’s belly full.

Suddenly the world of Pokémon seems like a far more brutal and Growlithe eat Growlithe kind of place! And that’s before you factor in the numerous terrorist organisations hellbent on taking over/destroying/liberating the world!