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‘Back in the 90s’- Grouplove -Track of the Day

‘Back in the 90s’- Grouplove -Track of the Day


Is anybody reading this as excited as me that Bojack Horseman is back? It went completely under my radar until a few friends said they binged it all in one weekend (it was revealed on Netflix on the 8th). The consensus seems to be that it’s a little less down than last season and with less Bojack. Yet after one episode I’m hooked again. The below song is from that episode and is a new version of the closing tune. Please note it has mild spoilers to the content of that episode.

But all themes from this show are generally good, including the original of this song, which can be listened to here, particularly since this is a very short track of the day. You can also listen to a elongated version of the chill opening tune here.

What’s it All About?

For anybody completely oblivious to the aforementioned show or who’s never watched it, the original closing song gives a good intro. Bojack is a washed up horse man who was famous in the 90’s for a sitcom called Horsing Around in which he looked after some troubled kids. The show follows his attempts to reclaim his fame, albeitedly poorly. He deals with various issues of drinking, his mother and his muddled love life. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes super bumming, it’s well worth a watch.