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Going To Work Sick – Gif Essay

Going To Work Sick – Gif Essay


Chances are if you work for a living, at some point in your life you’ll end up going to work sick. Whether it’s because you feel like you have too much work to do. Or whether you just don’t want the fuss or cost of a trip to the doctor. At some time in your adult life, you’ll end up working whilst under the weather.

Should you ever find yourself in this truly awful predicament, then we need to talk about five simple tips to help you survive it.

  1. Invest in cold and flu medicine

First and foremost you need to at least get yourself in working order. A cough bottle, some Uniflu and the sweet nectar of the Gods know as Lemsip. Get all of them!

  1. Avoid dealing with people

Now that you have a borderline dangerous amount of pharmaceuticals in your system, you should be just about capable of movement. But what about all the customers, bosses and co-workers you need to deal with? Avoid, avoid and avoid some more. If they won’t stay away then a good loud sneeze should do the trick!

  1. Get plenty of tissues

At this point the beautiful pseudoephedrine in your cold and flu medicine is clearing out your sinus and you can almost breath like a normal person. Unfortunately, this is also probably causing your nose to run uncontrollably. The solution? Tissues! Pro tip, also have a bin near by.

  1. Lucozade

Those of us who are in our late 20’s and older should be able to remember back to a time when you only got Lucozade when you were sick. I can remember back to hospital stays as a young kid where I had a giant bottle of this sweet red nectar at my bed side. Make sure you always have a bottle at your side.

  1. Give up and go home!

Yes! Like it or not, when you’re sick you have no business being in work. All you’re doing by being there is potentially making your co-workers sick and prolonging your own misery. Take you cold and flu medicine, your Lucozade and your tissues and go home. Once you’re there get into whatever passes for your pyjamas and sleep it off. Pro tip number 2, because you turned up no need for a sick note!

Well dear reader, I hope my tips are of help. And please spare a thought for me as I spend the week at my desk waiting for my cold to go away.