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Mona The Vampire – Forgotten Childhood

Mona The Vampire – Forgotten Childhood


Recently, in one of my famous bedroom decluttering sessions (they’re too frequent for my liking), I came across a box of DVDs that I haven’t seen in years. And amongst the Scrubs season 1 boxset and a copy of the live action Bratz movie, I found ‘The New Adventures of Mona the Vampire’.

The memories of sitting in front of the TV after school watching the purple caped heroine, came flooding back.

Based on a series of children’s books from 1990, Mona the Vampire was a Canadian animated series that ran from 1999 to 2003. The show followed Mona Parker, a young girl with an overactive imagination and her adventures with supernatural foes as her alias Mona the Vampire. Joining her on her adventures were her cat, Fang, and her best friends Lily Duncan and Charley Bones. The pair were better known as Princess Giant and Zapman. The monster-busting team would face off against enemies or solve mysteries around town, despite a rational explanation always being found by the conclusion. But let’s let the kids have their fun.

With the nostalgia beckoning, a rewatch of the coveted boxet was in order. From the get go it was easy to see why I loved the show so much as a child. Despite its intended audience being young children, the show was never too preachy. It had pretty witty dialogue and the simple animation is still admirable. It was definitely the humble origins of my love for the supernatural and that theme song was catchy as hell.

Mona was also a great character to have in my life from such an early age. Back then, the ass-kicking femme fatales weren’t as big a deal. They were too far and between. At this stage I was too young for Buffy or The Bride from Kill Bill. So seeing the lead girl being a fearless monster fighting superhero brought great comfort and a whole lot of joy.


If you’re getting a craving to see the adventures of our young spooky heroine, full episodes are on Youtube. I would personally recommend ‘The Miserable Phantom Dog’ or ‘The Nefarious Computer Virus’ if you’re considering a watch or rewatch.