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Channing Tatum Still Tied to Gambit Movie

Channing Tatum Still Tied to Gambit Movie


It’s the will they, won’t they, movie of the century. I’m not even talking about the romantic leads. Gambit has been in movie limbo for what seems like forever now. Delays, creative conflicts and crew issues have hampered it’s production from day one. According to Lauren Shuler Donnor, Legion producer, the one mainstay on the project has been Channing Tatum. Speaking to press at the Television Critics Association, the producer confirmed that Tatum is still attached to the project.

The film has already lost two directors. Rupert Wyatt was first pegged for the project but left citing schedule conflicts. Doug Liman then took the chair but he too left after picking Justice League Dark movie last summer.

Gambit is a long running X-Men favourite and the maybe-movie still has a lot of fans. Just how long we cling on to the project though isn’t for certain. It never bodes well for any film to suffer constant setbacks. The film had originally set out to begin production this year with the aim of a 2018 release. That doesn’t look possible at this stage though!

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