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The Walking Dead Official Sneak Peak Released At NYCC

The Walking Dead Official Sneak Peak Released At NYCC


The highly anticipated Walking Dead season 7 sneak peak was released at New York Comic Con and we have to say, we’re incredibly pumped.

The clip reveals one of the cast members who is officially safe – Rick Grimes. Though, really, was that ever a question? Killing off the star of the show would’ve been one of the most stupid things AMC could have done, and they’re already pretty well known for stupid decisions this past year (ahem… that cliffhanger).

In the video, we see a blood-spattered Rick in a state of shock as he looks at the destruction around him. He then boldly says to Negan “I’m going to kill you” in classic Rick fashion. Even in the most dire of circumstances, he still believes he’ll come out of this in good enough shape to do some killin’.

Negan has none of this and teases Rick with an axe before dragging him into the caravan behind, leaving Rick’s fate unknown.

Some fans have already pointed out the hints in Negan’s dialogue, particularly when he speaks about “Rick’s right hand man”. There has been some speculation that Rick is about to lose his hand, but whether that is just a nod to the comics or actually going to happen remains to be seen.

Gimple has also just confirmed that we WILL find out who Negan has killed in the season premiere. Many fans (myself included) felt that the network may keep the death a secret somehow until a later episode, but thankfully that will not be the case.

Are you excited for the premiere? Who do you think got the bat? Let us know in the comments below!