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‘Million Reasons’ – Lady Gaga – Track Of The Day

‘Million Reasons’ – Lady Gaga – Track Of The Day


Lady Gaga is awesome. Fact. It seems that she’s able to turn her hand to any trade and tear it to the ground. Music, fashion, dance, acting; you name it, she’s slaying it. Anyone who tries to claim she’s just famous because of gimmicks and marketing should immediately turn their ears to her other musical ventures.  

Not content with being queen of pop alone, she’s tackled many other genres. If you’re the type to discount The Fame or Artpop because of their pop sound, have a listen to Cheek To Cheek. ‘Million Reasons’ is another step away from pop, taking Gaga in a more Folk Rock direction.

As a huge Springsteen fan I’ve been listening to Chapter & Verse on repeat this last week. I was going to choose a track from it for today, but then ‘Million Reasons’ popped up on my feed. ‘Perfect Illusion’ already had me pretty hyped for Joanne, but hearing this has me even more excited.

That melancholy, folky sound is totally what I’m here for. I can hear a lot of The Boss in it to boot. If Joanne features more of the human, achy subject matter from ‘Perfect Illusion’, ‘Million Reasons’ and last year’s ‘Til It Happens To You’, I’ll be a very happy monster indeed.