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Resident Evil 7’s Details Teased In New Videos

Resident Evil 7’s Details Teased In New Videos


As part of Copcom’s video mini-series, Resident Evil 7‘s combat and healing have been shown off. There have been six videos released so far that tease the weapons, saving and a mysterious caller. The latest videos show off two main staples of the Resident Evil series, combat and healing.


Healing seems to have elements of crafting, as the player mixes several different items to heal themselves. In previous games of the series, mixing 1 of 3 type of herbs(red, green or blue) and first aid sprays were the main healing items. Without any further information about healing, it could be possible that Resident Evil 7 will have levels of injury, where certain items would be needed to heal yourself e.g. a broken limb would need a possible splint or bandage. That would be an interesting mechanic to introduce into the series.


Combat has also been showcased. It shows the player firing a gun at an enemy with a large, makeshift weapon. The enemy seems to drop after only a couple of bullets, but doesn’t stay dead for long. Combat looks more clucnky, as oppose to the standard First Person Shooter standard, with no crosshair to assist aiming. This could be designed to create a state of panic and that combat should be a last resort. This is in contrast to the likes of the combat focused Resident Evil 4-6.


As indicated by the final title card, four more videos are expected to release between now and it’s official release on January 24th 2017.