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Paypal Refuses To Refund Twitch Trolls $50K Donation

Paypal Refuses To Refund Twitch Trolls $50K Donation


Twitch streamers have become accustomed to the occasional troll. From having their streams hacked to having the police bust in mid-stream, trolls have tried every tactic in the book to play tricks on some of Twitch’s most famous streamers.

However, for all the problems they cause, it’s always nice to see a troll get what’s coming to them, which is exactly what happened to user iNexus_Ninja recently. According to this report, iNexus_Ninja was refused his request to Paypal to refund almost $50,000 in donations to Twitch streamers, payments he had made with the intention of cancelling in order to screw over streamers.

iNexus_Ninja reportedly began a spree of false donations beginning with over $11,500 dollars donated to Hearthstone streamer LegendaryLea. The video above shows her excitement at having received such a generous donation, a reaction which would have proven quite foolish had the payment not been received. After hitting LegendaryLea, iNexus_Ninja then moved on to other streamers such as NoSleepTV, Sodapoppin and Dizzykitten, bringing the total donations spent up to nearly $50k.

Normally, a story such as this would have disastrous results such as streamers overspending only to find the rug pulled out from under them, but in a twist that surely proves karma exists, Paypal have refused to refund iNexus_Ninja’s donations on the basis that knowingly making a donation and then changing your mind isn’t part of their terms of service. iNexus_Ninja, AKA Anthony Archer, an 18 year old from Australia, had reportedly used his parents’ credit card in the scheme and is presumably grounded for the rest of his days.