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7 New Pokémon Revealed For Sun & Moon

7 New Pokémon Revealed For Sun & Moon


The internet was ablaze this morning with the leaks of 7 brand new Pokémon for Sun & Moon with the Japanese Pokémon immediately following up with an official release trailer to show off the new critters in action. Check out the awesome trailer and our new Pokémon role-call below:


Tapu Koko 


Is the guardian deity Pokémon of the first island you begin your journey: Meremere Island. We previously seen Hala talk about it in the E3 Sun & Moon play-through, but now we’ve got our first proper look at this glorious Electric / Fairy type. Could this be one third of the Alola trio, with the other two also resembling parts of a Totem Pole?

Tapu Koki also has a brand new ability which activates when it enters the battle: Elec Maker which envelops the ground in an Electric Terrain state. This prevents any Pokémon that are touching the ground from falling asleep. It also powers up all electric moves by 50%.



This little box of randomness is a Bug/Electric type bug that some say resembles a taser. Judging by the similar body pattern, Charjabug may be the evolved form of the previously revealed Grubbin.



Vikavolt is the evolved form of Charjabug , maintaining its  Bug/Electric typing . This stag beetle Pokémon looks like it will be a tough mon to face, especially if it gets the Levitate ability to avoid those super-effective ground attacks. It’s electric tying will also help dampen the super effective hit of flying type attacks. We can only  hope it has some competitive attacks, stats and abilities, because this bug already has potential.



The second Pokémon on our list today with a brand new Normal/Dragon type-combo. We’ve got the Dragon-Grandpa : Drampa. This has definitely become one of the popular picks of today’s bunch, with the internet ablaze with adoration for this Lough Ness beauty. Its new type combination gives an awesome ghost type immunity, however, it also brings with it an unfavourable fighting weakness. So it remains to be seen if Drampa will be able to hold its ground in competitive play.



Next on our list is the tropical  Water/Psychic fish Bruxish. Looking almost like the love-child of Basculin and Luvdisc, Bruxish has a nice typing which we have not seen used since Slowking in Gen 2.

Bruxish also brings with it a brand new ability that prevents priority moves like Fake Out or Quick Attack from hitting it. Add that to the competitive  success of some of our established Psychic/Water types like Slowbro and Starmie who offer great resistance to the new Fairy typing, if Bruxish’s stats are favourable, we could be looking at a new competitive threat.



This little bug may just give Joltik a run for is money in the “smallest Pokémon” category. It’s adorable, and once again we have a fun new type combo Bug/Fairy. The fact that this little cutie has an immunity to a Mega Salamence’s Draco Meteor (and every other dragon type move out there) is enough to prove that this little Cutiefly will dominate in competitive play. Maybe.



The last of our new Pokémon today is the Electric/Steel Hedgehog Togedemaru, and the compulsory electric rodent of Generation 7. Togedemaru is here for domination, with a nifty steel type that gives it a competitive edge against its predecessor Dedenne. We’re all kinds of in love with those cute little back spikes.

As always, stay tuned for more Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon news as we get it!