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Pottermore Reveals More About Ilvermorny

Pottermore Reveals More About Ilvermorny


The latest reveal of Harry Potter site Pottermore is quite fun, if the information part is a bit long. Since the website reverted from the original almost game-like website in September last year there was some outcry from fans. Those who really enjoyed playing through the stories and making potions, even when they were hard to make, were shocked by the sudden change from exclusive Potter universe to a typical news-like website.

Yet fans will be happy to know that alongside the ability to set up a new account with your Hogwarts House attached (or be re-sorted if you wish) provided since then, there is now a new test; to sort you into your Ilvermorny house.

For those who have never heard of Ilvermorny, it’s kind of like the American Hogwarts. As part of the series on North American Wizardry (which you can read here, here and here without a Pottermore account) released to compliment the news of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them being set in New York, information about other wizarding schools was provided. Pottermore is still a great place to get unknown information about the Wizarding World and the piece just released about Ilvermorny’s school background is no different.

In a piece of writing that would span a few A4 pages, J.K. Rowling divulges the school’s humble origins.The school was founded as a school house (much like a hedge school) by one Isolt Sayre. The piece describes how she came to be in the US and also the origins of the four houses: Thunderbird, Wampus, The Horned Serpent and Puckwudgie. Rowling has confirmed that although the founders had Hogwarts as their frame of reference for a school, Ilvermorny houses have no connection to Hogwarts houses. Thunderbirds are said to be adventurous if a bit tempermental, Wampus students are argumentative but loyal, while students who fit into the Horned Serpent House are similar but not the same as Slytherin students and Puckwudgie residents are independent but are full of heart and healing.

What’s interesting is that although Isolt is unlike some of her family, she is connected to the Gaunt family which loyal fans will remember is the family descended from Salzar Sytherin himself and would later bear one of the darkest wizards of all time Lord Voldemort. Adding even more intrigue is the fact that Isolt comes from Ireland meaning that there may be more connection between the green of Slytherin and Ireland than one may have first thought. Rowling has not commented on the Irish connection as of yet, but here’s hoping with some more fan tweeting, answers will arise.

Thankfully nowadays you don’t need a Pottermore account to read any of the material released and you can read all about Ilvermorny on their website.