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Zombie Short Films – EwTube

Zombie Short Films – EwTube


YouTube is a fantastic platform for creatives, and there are some superb short films published by up and coming filmmakers and actors. Although the films may only be a few minutes long and with tiny budgets, there are some really brilliant stories being told by unknowns.

This week for EwTube we’re looking at zombie-themed short films which range from the brutal and gory to touching and heart breaking.

Cargo by Ben Howling And Yolanda Ramke

This is my favourite zombie short film that I’ve seen on YouTube so it gets the number one spot on this list. It follows a father who is stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse with his baby daughter and discovers that he has been bitten.

It’s a beautiful story about the enduring love of a father and his need to get his daughter to safety and if you watch anything today, you should watch this. It’ll bring a tear to your eye.

I Walk Alone by ACANKU

This zombie short film called I Walk Alone clearly was clearly put together with a small budget but, with clever angles and well chosen locations, the film really works and it’s a solid story.

There’s no dialogue in the film and I think it works in its favour as the actors’ expressions and actions show the story rather than tell it. An excellent, fast-paced piece of work that shows how humans can work together against the zombies to survive.

2 Hours by 2Hoursthemovie

This award-winning short film tells the story of a nameless survivor who is bitten and infected with the virus. He only has two hours to find missing survivors and must move quickly before the virus spreads too far.

It’s beautifully directed, which makes it easier to let the small flaws like the voice acting slide and there are some really well chosen sets and visuals.

It really is a treat for the eyes and, if you’re annoyed by the narrator, you can just mute it and it creates an even more powerful effect.

Anger of the Dead by Francesco Picone

This is an ideal zombie short film to go for if you want some realistic looking zombies. Hats off to whoever did the visual effects on this project as they did an excellent job.

This is a foreign language film so you’ll have to use the subtitles to understand but a lot of the time with the horror genre you don’t really need to hear the dialogue to understand what’s happening. The quality of the acting is good here so you’ll be able to follow the story regardless.

Days of Z by Fleet Productions

Based on the game DayZ, this story follows four survivors who come in contact with one another during an apocalyptic crisis and must face the threat of infection and other hostile groups.

This film features some surprisingly talented actors and, although it’s not perfect, it’s definitely worth the watch as it’s well filmed and it has a great twist at the end.

What do you think of these short films? Do you have any great ones to recommend? Let us know in the comments!