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Zombie Short Films – EwTube

YouTube is a fantastic platform for creatives, and there are some superb short films published by up and coming filmmakers and actors. Although the films may only be a few minutes long and with tiny budgets, there are some really brilliant stories being told by unknowns. This week for EwTube we’re looking at zombie-themed short […]

Game of Shrooms? Fan Creation

Move over Westeros, the Mushroom Kingdom is where the real drama has been going down… at least in this fantastic fan creation. NicksplosionFX is the channel and the man behind this Mario Bros. inspired Game of Thrones opening. The 8-bit track ‘Of Fire and Ice’ is by Floating Point. So if you ever fancied seeing the […]

Picard and Crew – Let it Snow

Forget Klingon Bells! To hell with Fairytale of Romulus! This year it’s all about Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew as they get festive and joyous just in time for Christmas. This fan-made video from James Covenant is hilarious and very well put together! Can you guess my favourite part? It’s just around 0.44 …! […]