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#TeamIronMan – Black Panther – Civil War Dossier

#TeamIronMan – Black Panther – Civil War Dossier


Who is the Black Panther?

Black PantherThe Black Panther is royalty and his name is T’Challa. He is the heir to the kingdom of Wakanda and is also the leader of the Panther Clan. He first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol 1 #52 (1966).

He studied in Europe and American but completed his rituals in his homeland, defeating his uncle and gaining the powers of the Black Panther. He was raised by his tactical father who taught him well, which led him to reaching out to other heroes around the world.

What Are His Powers?

T’Challa’s powers are just a super enhancement of his own natural abilities thanks to the heart herb.

Being the son to the leader of a powerful Kingdom full of powerful warriors, T’Challa was taught by the best his kingdom had to offer. This made him formidable enough without the enhancements granted by the heart herb.

Favourite Issue

Black PantherI have to say I am a huge fan of some of the latest Black Panther comics but my favourite would have to be Civil War #18-25 …fitting isn’t it? Alas it wasn’t the Civil War that had me interested it was his marriage to Storm and what it meant for them to see this Civil War unravel before their very eyes.

T’Challa is thoughtful like his father but is not afraid to protect what is his so when he has to contemplate what this war would mean to himself, his wife and his kingdom you see a battle that makes him quite an important role in the Civil War once he decides to act.

His Role in The Movie

If the Black Panther is in this movie then I honestly think that his role in this will be to kick some ass and take names.

If you recall in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ultron got hold of a lot of vibranium. Vibranium which is found in Wakanda. Now I don’t believe that Ultron is the type to pay for anything but Ultron has been destroyed so what could he possibly have to bring to the table in this fight?

One word, Bucky.

T’Challa wants to take Bucky down in a big way,  and why is that? Maybe it’s because Bucky was a mercenary and killed whoever he was ordered to. Maybe he killed someone close to T’Challa? It won’t be long before we find out what Bucky did to have the the Black Panther on his tail.

Why Join Iron Man?


Tony Stark is not the one protecting the Winter Soldier and much like the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and boy does Tony have a bone to pick with Cap and his crew. So naturally T’Challa will side with the team that will help him get what he wants even though we still don’t know why.