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Black Panther Review

Few Marvel movies have been as highly anticipated as Black Panther, with the likes of The Avengers and Captain America: Civil War causing fan frenzy for months and even years before release. Films fuelled by hype can often fall flat and disappoint, but I can confidently say that Black Panther‘s hype is well earned. It’s been […]

Black Panther 101

I haven’t been this excited for a Marvel movie since Civil War came out. The reason I was so excited for Civil War in the first place was 70% because of T’Challa aka The Black Panther. So you can imagine that when a Black Panther movie was Confirmed for 2018 I was ecstatic! The movie […]

Black Panther Trailer Released

Marvel have released the official Black Panther trailer. The trailer showcases some fantastic visuals, with a mix of lush jungles of the fictional African based city of Wakanda and the advance technology of the Wakandan people. It certainly has it’s own look that’s more technology based than the sci-fi look of Guardian’s of the Galaxy […]

New Black Panther Pics Released

Wakanda’s Black Panther Will Roar There is still quite a while to go before the release of the Black Panther movie, but these new images are making the wait a bit more difficult. We were graced with the first trailer just over a month ago and fans worldwide collectively lost it. The trailer was so […]

Erik Kilmonger Cast In Black Panther

Comic-Con International: San Diego has been and gone and as usual we are getting news left right and centre. Everything from casting news to new trailers to some pretty insightful titbits. With still over 1 year until its realease there has been very little news surrounding the plot of the upcoming Marvel movie, Black Panther. With spoilers […]

Captain America: Civil War Review

With Captain America: Civil War, what Marvel started way back in 2008 with Iron Man, and going back even further to 2006 with their SDCC panel hinting at an Avengers team-up movie, has finally come to full fruition. Though not quite as loaded with outright fun as 2012’s The Avengers, Civil War is the payoff […]