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Stephen Lang Wants Deadpool’s Cable

Stephen Lang Wants Deadpool’s Cable


It hasn’t even been a week since release but fans are already talking about the sequel to Deadpool. To be fair though we aren’t the only ones and even Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefield, is offering his thoughts on casting choices for Deadpool II.

If you’ve seen the film and you stayed right until the very end or you couldn’t wait and watched the end credit scenes as revealed online last week you’re aware that Cable will join the roster for the sequel.Who will play the mutant marksman with telepathy and telekinesis is anyone’s guess or every fans dream list! Liefield has openly discussed his wish to see Jon Hamm take up the role and there is even growing hope that Liam Neeson would take it.

One actor however is gunning for the role and to give him credit, we can totally see Stephen Lang as Cable. The Avatar actor tweeted that he’s already in the gym prepping for the role, laying ‘some CABLE’.

What do you think? Who do you have in mind to play the mutant? Let us know in the comments below!