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Dolph Lundgren Hopes To Play Cable In Deadpool 2

Dolph Lundgren, old school action star of Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe (that’s right, we’re talking He-Man) and lesser-known 1989 Marvel film The Punisher, has recently expressed an interest in joining the Marvel world again. In an interview with Nerdist, Lundgren expressed interest in mutant antihero Cable, noting the physical resemblance between himself and the character. Such a casting […]

Stephen Lang Wants Deadpool’s Cable

It hasn’t even been a week since release but fans are already talking about the sequel to Deadpool. To be fair though we aren’t the only ones and even Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefield, is offering his thoughts on casting choices for Deadpool II. If you’ve seen the film and you stayed right until the very end or […]

Back Issues: Baffling Backstories

2015 closed a chapter of excellence in the comic book industry with fresh, creative casts of well-established properties and long-awaited arrivals of characters that we feel were well overdue for their own solo series. A testament to the popularity of superhero movies is that it brought a whole new audience casting a light upon the […]

Time Travelling X-Man Joining The Uncanny Avengers Roster

[SPOILER WARNING FOR UNCANNY AVENGERS #2] The Uncanny Avengers was one of the first titles to be released in the All-New, All-Different marvel comic-verse, with this week marking the release of its second issue. The current roster for The Uncanny Avengers team sees Captain America (Steve Rogers), The Human Torch, Rogue, Deadpool, Doctor VooDoo, Synapse and […]

Cable Movie Is Coming Says Rob Liefeld

Over the weekend at Comikaze 2014, Rob Liefeld held a Q ‘n’ A. Being the co-creator of Deadpool, fans were eager to get his two cents and possibly some new information on the Deadpool film, and what might be in the future for the MErc with a Mouth’s famous companion, Cable. Speaking on how the […]