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Next Three Transformers Films Will Come Yearly

Next Three Transformers Films Will Come Yearly


We now know that the Michael Bay directed Transformers 5 is coming June 23, 2017. What we also know, thanks to an official Paramount announcement, is that June 8, 2018 and June 28, 2019 will see Transformers 6 and 7, respectively.

Bay has said he’s signing off with Transformers 5 on the franchise, though he has said similar before. However, given the size of these films, it seems very likely new directors are already being drafted for the sixth and seventh films to make the yearly turnaround.

What’s more interesting is that the sixth movie will be a Bumblebee spinoff, paying credence to the idea that the series would become its own film universe akin to the MCU. It’s not unlikely that 5 and 6 will introduce a bigger story that will culminate in 7. Megatron was still around at the end of Age of Extinction and there’s the whole Optimus Prime in space angle to be worked out too.

All three of these features will be written in the newly established Transformers movie-verse writing room that includes Robert Kirkman, among others. With the added focus and attention of a team of writers and a shared vision, the resulting movies may, seriously, not be that bad!

We’ve never seen a Transformers film not made by Michael Bay. This is kind of exciting – maybe there’s hope for a genuinely good Transformers picture yet? We won’t hold our breath but if you’re a fan, this is definitely good news!