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Star Trek And Transformers Will Collide In Comics

Trekkies get ready to come face to face with Transformers. Publishers, IDW, have confirmed that the two franchises are set for a collision course this Autumn. The Transformers and will meet Star Trek characters from the 1970s animated series! To Boldly Transform Star Trek vs. Transformers will launch in Septber from John Barber (Transformers: Unicron), […]

Transformers’ Secret History On Earth

Transformers: The Last Knight is getting released on June 22 of this year. As we get closer to that date more details will be revealed. This week we got some great images from the upcoming feature. The movie is going to show that the Transformers have been around throughout Earth’s history. The newest poster for the film shows […]

Screen Savers: Transformers (2007)

There are few franchises out there that can garner enough love and hatred in whatever medium or time frame they are put in. Some stories can simply be told forever; from the work of William Shakespeare to comic book franchises, reboots and re-imaginings keep beloved series alive and well for years, as the stories that […]