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Club Nintendo Replacement Arrives In March

Club Nintendo Replacement Arrives In March


During a recent Nintendo investors meeting, the company revealed some details about its new loyalty program. Nintendo shut down their old loyalty program, named Club Nintendo, last year and now we know that the new program, which is called My Nintendo, will go live in March.

According to translations by Cheesemeister3k, their first target for My Nintendo will be to reach 100 million users, a goal they hope to reach by launching the scheme in 39 countries.

The program will be more complicated that Club Nintendo was, as you gain points through smart devices and game consoles. Points come in the form of platinum points and gold points. They can then be used for a variety of rewards such as discount coupons or original goods.

A translation of the slideshow that accompanied the presentation says that platinum points are for fun and gold points are for deals. This sounds like platinum points will be similar to the old Club Nintendo where you can spend them to get fun little things, like the small Majoras Mask lamp I’m looking at right now. Whereas gold points will be used to get coupons or deals for other things.

Nintendo also talked about their first collaborative DeNA title that was announced in October, titled Miitomo. Pre-registration begins on February 17 and the full game will launch in March, supporting 8 languages in 16 countries.

There was one small mention of Nintendo’s upcoming NX console, but all that was said was that they would not be talking about it during the meeting. So the wait for more information continues.

How do you feel about this news? Will you use the new loyalty program? Let us know in the comments below.