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Sam Pepper Incurs The Wrath Of The Internet

Sam Pepper Incurs The Wrath Of The Internet


British YouTuber Sam Pepper has landed himself again in hot water this week after posting a prank video ‘Killing Best Friend Prank’ where Pepper teams up with YouTube pair Sam & Colby to pretend to kill Sam to terrify Colby in the process.

Sam & Colby drive into the shot and get kidnapped. The pair is then seen taken to a roof where the masked attacked then ‘kills’ Colby. The video was viewed more than 250,000 times within a 24 hour span and, with over 3 million thumbs down and negative responses, there is outcry and a petition for his account to be deactivated.

The Arcade will not be linking this video or anything to Sam‘s channels as the prank is a horrific and vile attempt at humour that results in disturbing footage. Pepper had been under fire last year as he was accused of sexual assault by fans, some even waiving anonymity to highlight this. It is abundantly clear that Pepper has no understanding of boundaries or respect of people who have gone through horrific ordeals.

Like ourselves, YouTubers and viewers have responded angrily to the prank calling it cruel and have been genuinely distressed by Sam‘s experience.

A lot of people are calling for this video to be removed, including the creation of a petition which is available here.

Anonymous have also since seemingly become added to the many voices looking for his channel, or at the very least his video, to be taken down as a violation of YouTube’s terms & conditions.

Recently a Twitter user claiming to be a voice for the collection sent out a series of angry tweets slamming the video and demanding that it be taken down within 24 hours.


The internet, and video streaming in particular, is still in its infancy in that it is trying to figure out what is acceptable in the realm of humour but Pepper pushes this to the extreme and, although this can be new and exciting, this was nothing short of vile and tasteless.


  1. Sam Pepper has a sick and twisted sense of humour. How can he consider this a prank. Last time I checked pranks were supposed to be funny. I can imagine his next so called prank. ‘Hi guys. I’m gonna impersonate a police officer and inform a young girl of her family’s slow and painful death in a fire she unknowingly caused. Oh, man this is gonna be so funny!’ I bet the only reason he still has a channel is because he classify’s them as ‘social experiments’.

  2. He’s a disturbed person. To watch that video after and not only not feel sick to your stomach but actually find it funny, is beyond messed up. So far beyond.

  3. He just completely lacks empathy and respect, he should have his channel removed. How could people find those videos entertaining?

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