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Bayonetta Is The Final Super Smash Bros. DLC Character

Bayonetta Is The Final Super Smash Bros. DLC Character


So Nintendo have finished their final Super Smash Bros. focused Direct, and man was it good. We got details on Cloud and the announcement of two more DLC characters, so let’s get right into it.

It opened with a reveal of of a new character named Corrin, the main character of the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates. The character looks like a pretty good character, fitting a good range of playstyles. Much like Robin, another Fire Emblem rep in the game, you can play as a male of female version of the character. Corrin does not yet have a release date, but will cost £4.50 when it does release on either 3DS or WiiU.

Following this they moved on and talked about the well know Final Fantasy rep Cloud some more, detailing his moveset which looks amazing. They also revealed that he will be released today, shortly after the direct was over but they warn that server issues may occur as demand for the character is quite high.

The third character talked about in the Direct was the winner of the Smash Ballot Nintendo ran not so long ago. The final character being added to Super Smash Bros., is Bayonetta from the Platinum games series of the same name. The Bayonetta games are fantastic and it’s nice to see them being represented in the game, according to the Direct she was the top most requested character in Europe and in the top 5 most requested characters in America.

Most of the Direct was focused on Bayonetta and her moveset, alternate costumes and even a brief section on just her taunts. I’ll include the reveal trailers for Corrin and Bayonetta at the bottom of the page but just before I finish up the final announcement in the Direct was about amiibos. While no other details were given amiibos are currently being made for Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta and can be expected to come out next year.