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Doctor Who ‘Sleep No More’ Sequel Discussed

Doctor Who ‘Sleep No More’ Sequel Discussed



Hello, Whovians! Quite soon after Mark Gatiss’ latest offering, found footage story ‘Sleep No More’, hit our screens last Saturday, it was revealed by Gatiss himself to members of the press that a follow-up to the episode may already be in the works! The story, which featured incumbent Doctor Peter Capaldi and companion Jenna Coleman dealing with a menacing monster and some fierce bouts of insomnia aboard a space station, ended in a very open manner that could certainly allow for a sequel.

According to Gatiss, “Steven’s asked me if I’ll write a sequel – I’ll see if I can do that. If I can think of one, I would certainly like to do it, because I think the idea is good and the monsters are great.”

It’s an interesting thing to tease so soon after ‘Sleep No More’ was broadcast, particularly given the less-than-stellar reaction to the story. In fact, the Audience Appreciation Index for the episode was the lowest since 2006 with the much-maligned story ‘Love and Monsters’, commonly regarded as the worst episode of the modern era.

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What do we think of that, then? Perhaps a bit hasty in hinting at continuing the story, I suspect!