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Syfy’s Krypton Will Technically Be A Man Of Steel Prequel



David Goyer has confirmed that the Krypton we’ll see in Syfy’s upcoming TV series of the same name will be based on the same designs he used for the Krypton we see at the start of 2013’s Man of Steel.

In an interview with Collider, Goyer stated that “The first draft [of Man of Steel], the first forty pages were on Krypton, so we compressed that all down to fifteen minutes and there were a lot of ideas that I wanted to use in the film that didn’t ultimately make it into the film.”

A tenuous link, but a link nonetheless. Krypton the series will take place some 200 years before Man of Steel and really dig into the history of Kal-El’s family in a way that we’ve never seen on-screen before, so any effect it might have on the DC cinematic universe will be minimal at best. But at least it’s something and hopefully it means that they’re discussing bridging the TV and movie worlds more as, for now, the divide feels like a hindrance and that hindrance is likely to grow when The Flash movie starts picking up speed.

An update on the development of Krypton is expected soon, with the show penciled in for 2016.