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Otaku Digest: Let’s Take An Otaku Holiday

Otaku Digest: Let’s Take An Otaku Holiday


Welcome everyone to another instalment of Otaku Digest, we are finally into the fall season but it will be a week or two before we dive into the news series of anime releases. Why is this? Because I was away enjoying the spoils of New York city and in particular New York Comic Con. Holidays are great things to experience whether it is a cheap sun holidays filled with days by the pool and cocktails, city breaks with a massive shopping spree or even just a week off work in bed watching TV and playing video games, it should be recommended by doctors really. This got me to thinking about the various amazing worlds we see in anime and how crazy would it be to holiday in any of them. So this week’s Otaku Digest is looking at my top five otaku destinations, usual disclaimer, these are my top worlds from anime and I have more than likely overlooked somewhere amazing so please if you think I have let me know in the comments!

5. Space – Various


A generic one at best and not associated to one particular anime but many. It would be the most terrifying but thrilling holiday of your life, partly because of the journey but mainly because you may not live to come home, that got dark very quickly. It makes the list because of anime like Cowboy Bebop, the entire Gundam franchise and Outlaw Star, though more so Cowboy Bebop because it is a future story of the dwellers of Earth, given that it is set in 2071 after the Earth is made uninhabitable by a hyperspace gateway. Earthlings have gone out and colonized on the various planets and moons in the solar system. It could be the animation but each of these worlds with their own identity and people who have settled would be worth seeing the same can be said for the Gundam franchise. Where Outlaw Star takes a more fantasy look at space it would be worth it just to visit Blue Heaven and Sentinel III, Cowboy Bebop takes a very film noir and realistic view to space. Outlaw Star gives us a glimpse at what could be out there making it a little more exciting, I mean come on who doesn’t want to see Aisha Clanclan and the Ctarl-Ctarl up close and personal. Why have a not listed the Galactic Leyline above for Outlaw Star? Because there is not enough money in the world.

4. Johto – Pokémon


I can nearly here the Pokémon fans diving on this entry, with one half in disbelief agreement and the other half screaming it should be Kanto. When you really think about it however, yes Kanto is the original map from both the original set of games Red and Blue not to mention the anime but the Johto region just offers so much more. It is already a foreign land in Kanto but Johto sings out as a tropical foreign land in comparison. From the humble beginnings in New Bark Town all the way to the joining factor of the Pokémon League there is plenty to feast your eyes upon in between. Yes, I realise the same can be said for the Kanto region but realistically I would pass up seeing a Clefairy dance any day to see Charizard train at the Charicific Valley outside Violet City. It’s down to a love of the region from the Blue Moon Falls where the Quagsire have made their home to looking out over the sea in the Glitter Lighthouse with the bright light created by Ampharos. Not to mention maybe getting a glance at some legendary Pokémon in the Burned Tower, but only if you’re quick enough. The Johto region is the perfect Pokémon destination.

3. Modern Day Japan – Various


There was another contender for the third place position but since it was Japan in the future I felt it could be a tie and just come under the title Japan. It was Crystal Tokyo from the Sailor Moon anime which also applies to the modern day Japan at the same time. What Otaku or even casual anime fan has not wanted to visit the homeland of the genre? Japan holds a special place in any anime fan’s heart in particular Tokyo from various anime such as Sailor Moon, Digimon, Cardcaptors and many more, undoubtedly because it’s the perfect city to base an anime.

From my perspective the obsession with wanting to go to Japan starts with watching anime like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Chobits and Digimon all based in or in another Japanese city whether real of based on. Going back a bit more with Vision of Escaflowne which I know was based mainly in Gaia but from what we did see of Japan in that was amazing. Don’t lie you have all wanted to be a Japanese student whether male or female when you were younger just to be able to one wear their amazing uniforms and two live like the sailor scouts or Sakura from Cardcaptors until you realised the serious pressures of school life there much like Hideki in Chobits but nonetheless we all wished we were them and lived in what can only be described as the most picturesque cities and towns in the world.

2. File Island – Digimon


Is it any real surprise that File Island placed so high on this list? I know already I have a lot of anime fans calling out in outrage of how did the File Island place higher than any Pokémon region? This is another anime feud for another day but it does split fans since it is said you are either a Pokémon fan or a Digimon fan but realistically you can be both which I am. It is simple I just prefer the idea of the File Island, especially for a holiday destination. Partly because at least I can speak to the inhabitants of the Digital world and have genuine conversation. Plus there is just something really interesting about it, in particular the original island where the digidestined wind up, the layout is amazing that it can go from woodland to snowy peaks and back to flat land is amazing, you literally have your choice of climate. How much fun it would be to hang out with certain Digimon in their retrospective areas? Look after the eggs and baby Digimon with Elecmon, throw snowballs and have snow fun with Frigimon and do devious deeds with the Pagumon. Talk about a holiday destination with some variety, you will never be able to say you were bored.

1. Amestris –  Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


Admit it, bar knowing Ishval you weren’t 100% sure what the main state of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood was called, specially considering what we hear through most of the series is north, east etc. or Ishval. Alright I will admit this last one is a complete cop out on my part but I genuinely love the world of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and original series. I think there is so much character in the country and surrounding countries you could not help but want to travel around it which makes me envious of the Elric brothers. Obviously kicking off in the Central City where is literally the centre of everything that is Amestris, despite being the hub for all things Homunculi it seems quite a nice place to visit.

One part I would avoid like the plague simply because I could not deal with the tragedy that went down there is the East City, even despite Roy Mustang and his cohorts residing there. Imagine simply being among Alchemists though, the amazing abilities witnessed first-hand. An amazing idea would be to follow the Elric brother’s journeys, build a map that follows each area and city that they visit on their journey. A country with a vast history and amazing people (bar the Homunculi) who wouldn’t want to visit there bar an Ishvalan but they have good reason.

What anime destination would you love to travel to? Have I left somewhere amazing out? Let us know in the comments!