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Gif Essay: The Road To EVO

Gif Essay: The Road To EVO


So you want to get into fighting games? Oh you poor summer child. I hope you are ready for a long journey filled with sweat, tears and plenty of thrown controllers. After that controller breaks we can actually get you something useful and buy you a fightstick. After that we can get into frame data, lag input and how to truly master the art of the grappler. Wait, you want to play a different character? Oh boy.

The journey will be long, and it will be hard, but as long as you believe you are truly good enough to get to EVO then that’s all that matters. What? You don’t know what EVO is? Oh god, I really have my work cut out for me don’t I?

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics shall we? You’ve held a controller before right? Let’s find you a series and start from there. What are you a fan of? Street Fighter? Tekken? Mortal Kombat? As long as it’s competitive it doesn’t matter. Pick a series you like for the characters or the play-style, really its up to you which game you want to master.


Okay this is a fightstick – no you can’t just mash buttons. Wait, do you know any combos at all?


Oh this is isn’t going well at all. Okay, at least pick a character you think looks cool and we can go from there.


Good you’v found your main, lets get to training!

Getting the hang of it

Your starting to learn your character, first off mastering how to dodge and guard from attacks. You start to feel like you could actually fight a human.


You decide it would be fun to play with friends, so you have a few rounds and have fun.


You’re starting to get cocky and think you could actually fight some of the pros, maybe even try your hand at a few tournaments.


The Salt Saga

As you walk into the tournament you feel as though you might be out of your league, but it’s still important to try. You put on your best game face and make an entrance.


You think things are going okay, but you sit down to play and suddenly your opponent is rushing towards you. You panic and it’s all over in a flash.


You’re left sitting in shock as your rival walks away victorious. Your stomach sinks and you can only think of one thing – REVENGE.


Getting Good

You’re down, but not out. The last failure has lit a spark that drives you to fight harder and more seriously then ever. You’re becoming better by the minute, learning multiple characters at a time and figuring out how each combo matches a character.


You play your friends and you’ve become almost godlike; nobody wants to play with you now because you have reached a higher plane.


You have finally done it, you’ve become a master and you’re well on your way to EVO!


The Final Battle

You’re back to the tournaments, taking trophies and titles left and right. You’re well on your way to EVO, all you have to do now is strike a pose and make your entrance.


The title is so close you can almost taste it. It’s clutch time and you and your opponent are equally skilled. It’s not looking well and you really need to pull out all the stops to win this!


Finally you hear the announcer yell your name, and the match is yours. Congratulations, you have officially won EVO and you stand at the top. Now all that’s left is countless hours of training to keep up. Lets hope your main isn’t nerfed in the next entry.


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