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League Of Legends Announces New Champion ‘Kindred’

League Of Legends Announces New Champion ‘Kindred’


imageGood news, LoL fans! Riot has once again decided to tease us with a shiny new toy to play with, and they look amazing! Yes, that is the correct pronoun. Our newest addition to the champion select is Kindred, The Eternal Hunters, who can basically be summed up as the living representation of Yin and Yang in Runeterra. While not much has been said about their lore as of yet, we can tell from their voice over that they’re made up of the kind and gentle Lamb, and the hungry and fierce Wolf, and they fight as one to make not only a great fighter, but also a strange kind of support.

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Described as “a marksman designed for the jungle”, Kindred’s kit is perfectly tailored to clear camps efficiently, whilst also aiding their allies in lane. In terms of gameplay mechanics, there’s not much new to be found, as a lot of their skills seem to be pieced together from already existing items (for example, think of their Q as Kalista with a Runaans Hurricane), however the most intriguing part for me is Kindred’s ultimate ability, ‘Lamb’s Respite’. This is the first ability in the game which can not only save your entire team from certain death, but also the enemy team, as the ability negates critical damage and heals every champion in its range, not just your allies. It seems like an ability that can really turn the tide in either direction, and I really cannot wait to see skilled players using it to their advantage.

In terms of art style and overall design, I honest to god love Kindred. I’m actually so tempted to pick up jungle (easily my worst role) just based off their splash art alone. Plus, the idea that this spirit, whatever it was, was so lonely that it split itself in two (as deduced from the teaser video below) is not only a charming concept, but one that lends to some really stunning ethereal visuals that really remind me of Studio Ghibli in a way. Who knows, maybe Riot is just developing a love affair with masked champions but either way, it’s working!

So, I know I’ll be spending the next few weeks itching to get my hands on this darling duo, but what about you? Let us know what you think about Kindred and whether or not you’ll be playing them in the comments below!