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Max Von Sydow Joins Game Of Thrones Season 6

Max Von Sydow Joins Game Of Thrones Season 6


Following the news that Ian McShane is to join the cast of Game of Thrones, Entertainment Weekly reports that Max Von Sydow is joining the HBO hit.


The addition of yet another performer is doubtless going to garner attention for the show in the build up to next season. Not unreasonably either: Max Von Sydow‘s career includes the roles in films including classic movies like The Seventh Seal (1957), Exorcist (1973) and more recent roles in Minority Report (2002), Shutter Island (2010) and the forthcoming addition to the Star Wars saga.

Unlike McShane, we know some of the details of Seydow‘s role. He will play, “the Three-Eyed Raven, the mystical tutor of Bran Stark, who was briefly seen in the season 4 finale (where the character was portrayed by a different actor).”

For now, judgement will be curbed. Even so it’s difficult not to see this as anything less that a win. Now if only they could cast Anthony Stewart Head as Victarion Greyjoy…

What do you make of Sydow coming to Westeros? What other weighty names would you like to see on the cast list, and in what role? Tell us in the comments!