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Review: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Review: Final Fantasy Record Keeper


If you’re a Final Fantasy fan looking to replace your tired old mobile games that have been played to death, you may be in luck! Final Fantasy Record Keeper is an exciting game for mobile devices currently on IOS and Android devices. The basic concept of the game is you have to retrieve all the scenes from each main Final Fantasy game (1-13). They have been stolen and lost forever and the only way to retrieve them is by playing out the scene. Once you complete a scene, you are given rewards and that part of the world you are playing in is restored. Fairly easy, right? Nope! And here is why:
You start off with a very basic party of five. You may pick and choose but, at this point, there aren’t a lot of options. You eventually build up your army of five to take on bigger demons and unlock extra characters, weapon and abilities. Weapons and characters are mainly obtained in battle or by hitting a certain criteria (I’ll elaborate on this later). However, abilities have to be created by yourself using orbs that you get from monster drops or, again, by completing certain criteria.

Each level you play has an intermediate, expert or master criteria you need to meet. Obviously you need to reach master level in order to obtain all rewards possible. This also gives you more rare weapons, characters and orbs. It also doubles your experience gained from the fight you just finished. This is by far the best way to level up faster. However, depending on the enemy, the criteria changes to meet the high standard. For instance, when fighting some enemies you have to expose them to their weaknesses in order to obtain master level. There are three criteria you need to meet at all times which are: damage taken, damage dealt and amount of KOs. Boss rounds usually have one or two more in order to make it harder to get to that master level.
Another great thing about this game is you get to play in each world of Final Fantasy. As well as this, each world has the corresponding game’s monsters, characters, weapons, armour and even the music. Everything form the theme tune, the winning tune and the boss themes are in there. This really brings the game close to your heart if you are a Final Fantasy fan. You can tell a lot of work went into this game due to the fact that the monsters usually have the same moves and weaknesses that the original games had.
Now, onto the tonnes of extras this game provide apart from the main story levels.
First of all, once you complete all the normal levels, they then introduce you to the Elite levels. Some are quite easy while others are damn near impossible. However, this makes the games 2-3 times longer and way more addictive as now you really have to use your brain and put a lot of work into developing the perfect party who can handle anything. These levels obviously contain tonnes of rare items, weapons, armour and orbs that are very badly needed to enter the next bad ass stage of your army.
Secondly, every week there are new side events that happen. The current event you have to complete is the parade float mission from Final Fantasy VIII. This week you can win Rhinoa as well as many other Final Fantasy VIII related items and orbs. These events are great for gaining experience too. These also give you a little more side story development on top of the completed stories you have already finished. You can jump ahead and do these beforehand but I am warning you, you will get creamed over and over so train first!
Thirdly, there are also daily events you can play that usually contain four difficulties (easy, normal, hard and heroic). These are great as each day offers the chance to obtain different rare items. Some days it’s armour upgrades and other days it’s massive money bonuses. There is one for every day of the week. Each day offers something that’s needed and, of course, the higher the difficulty the more you will be showered with gifts and rare items.

Finally, last but not least, there is a daily free prize draw where you can win very rare items, but the odds are against you (although I have obtained 4 very rare items… lucky me!). All items have a star rating of 1-5 with five being the highest. I’m still only getting items worth four stars and I am well into the game. So there is an awful lot to play and keep you interested. Plus, every day you log in you get a free item!

A must play for every Final Fantasy Geek 10/10