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Gif Essay: When Good Shows Go Bad

Gif Essay: When Good Shows Go Bad


We all have those shows we’ve been watching for what seems like forever. When people bad-mouth them, we rush in and put our feet squarely down on the idea. Thou shalt not diss!
Unfortunately, the universe is a constantly changing place. Nothing is permanent; not even writers or quality, no matter how much we wish it. Some shows just end!
Others? Others start to make you wish they had just bowed out with grace; nothing lasts forever, not even our love for our favourite shows. We here at The Arcade have come up with a list of reactions we experience when our favourite shows disappoint us.

The Delusion

I will love you forever, and ever and ever and ever!

The Change

What’s going on? Where exactly are they planning to take the story to now? How can they justify these changes?! I’m never going to get used to this. Well, maybe I will. Provided nothing else happens.
Your darkest fears are confirmed as the changes continue. Each one worse than the last.

Reluctant Acceptance

Things just aren’t the same any more. You sit there, watching out of pure habit, but you can’t bring yourself to like it.

The False Hope

Someone inevitably points you to something online that will temporarily ease your troubled mind. Maybe there’s a rumour they’ll bring that character back. Maybe it was all a dream. For a moment you’ll lose yourself to hope.
But nothing comes of it. You can’t understand why they would do this. There’s too many questions. Your hopes have been raised and then dashed.
It becomes clear that they have no intention of turning back time or resurrecting the dead. Your faith in their ability to write stories has withered like your now black, crippled heart.
The living room becomes a place of perpetual torment. Look! It’s on the TV again. How dare it torment me with its terribleness.

The Rage

You hate it so much right now. You can never get back what you had. You’re so angry.

The Pain

But no matter what, you loved it. You spent all those years defending it… but maybe those people had it right. Maybe it’s been terrible all along but you just couldn’t see it.


awkward dinner
“I only ever really watched it to pass the time….”
Do you have a favourite show that’s recently bummed you out? Let us know about it in the comments!