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Boss Rush: Organization XIII


No matter what level of gamer you are you know that, in gaming, there is always that one boss or that one fight that made us grit our teeth, scream, shout and nearly whack our screens with the controller. Now, imagine thirteen of them in one game series. The Kingdom Hearts series has some stand out bosses in the mix from iconic Disney villains; we have faced Final Fantasy bosses in the franchise where they also threw in the Heartless to temper with our patience. However, none have had such an effect on players as the Nobodies and Organization XIII. The great thing about Organization XIII is that it spans across multiple games, kicking off in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
Where the Heartless are ordinary people who have lost their hearts, Nobodies are what is left behind. Enter Organization XIII, consisting of thirteen powerful Nobodies who managed to take shape in a ‘human’ form. They have a mission to reclaim their hearts in order for them to be whole again. Interestingly, unless you have played Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories then you were faced with the five empty seats in Kingdom Hearts II since some characters only appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. This is where the organization was debuted, although we still didn’t know what they were up to in there, as the main narrative was centred around members attempting a takeover of a group we didn’t know anything about.
Each member of the organization have their own individual talents, but in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories the game utilized a card based battle system, so other than each of their individual weapons, there are no stand out moves for the members of Organization XIII we faced except with Marluxia, who had a rose petal thing going on. It was not until Kingdom Hearts II that we really dove into the main story of the organization. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Castle Oblivion were only a taster of what was to come; both games featured Organization XIII as the antagonist for Sora, and their story was so well done, not only in these games, but in the future spin-off games that were released as well. For members who were playable in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days we were given a look into their back stories in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and then we discovered the true meaning of the organization in Dream Drop Distance.
Whether you played any of the many spin-off games or not in the Kingdom Hearts series, you faced off against more than one of the members of Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts II. We each have one, or in my case several, of them that were infuriating to try and defeat along the way. Some almost made me unwilling to play because it made me so mad! Below are a few of my stand out pain-in-the-controller members of Organization XIII.


I already mentioned this fabulous individual above but anyone who played Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories knows how irritating he really is. Dubbed Marluxia_KHDthe ‘Graceful Assassin’, Marluxia deems himself the lord of Castle Oblivion; he is your main antagonist and final boss of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. His weapon of choice is a scythe which is named Graceful Dahlia. Are you seeing the pattern here? The guy is graceful and completely fabulous and he also has power over flowers. Like other members of the organization, Marluxia can control flower petals to create clones of himself, causing damage while also creating a powerful shockwave by hitting his scythe off the ground. He levitates around the battle area, making him a very agile opponent using quick and efficient blows of damage, even when confined to the card-based battle system. We do see him in other games, but he is mainly only in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories which is a shame because he is fabulous even if he’s a pink haired pain.
As lightless oblivion devours you, drown in the ever-blooming darkness!


I cannot even word how much anger I have towards this character and yet I love him. He is that one boss where you think, ‘Oh, this guy will be a piece of cake because of his chDemyx_KHDaracter development in the game!’ No such luck. Demyx is the reconnaissance agent for the organization and is known as the ‘Melodious Nocturne’. He also has the power over water although the man is such a slacker, he would love nothing more than to ditch work and play his sitar Arpeggio. So, you could be forgiven for thinking he wouldn’t be hard to beat, especially considering he acts the damn fool every time you bump into him. The first time you face off against him in the Olympus Coliseum, he duels off against his water clones but is easily beaten, truly luring you into a false sense of security. Then comes the battles against him in Hollow Bastion and by god does he give you a run for your money. We get to face off against his water clones again, but suddenly there are loads to beat with a timer involved, and he ends up pulverising you with ferocious geysers that erupt from the battle floor. Fun! Demyx may make the water dance down, but he is a deadly force.
“Dance Water! Dance!” 


Surprised it’s not the head of the organization, Xemnas? Well, since he is connected to the main antagonist of the entire game series, they deserve a whSaïx_KHDole Boss Rush to themselves. I found Saïx to be a harder boss to fight than Xemnas; Saïx is the second in command in a way of the organization and stands as the right hand of Xemnas. He is the last fight before you take on the big man himself. Saïx is a man of little words or emotions, making him as close to a nobody as you can get. He is known as the ‘Luna Diviner’ and fights with a massive blade called Claymore. Your final face-off with him is fast; I mean, he does control berserker nobodies after all. He is all brute strength using Claymore to attack and he has a ‘Berserk’ gauge that shows you how close he is to becoming berserk. This is where his Claymore morphs using white auras of light that he uses as extra blades to attack; in this mode, he becomes wickedly fast and much stronger, and the only way to knock him out of this mode is to use the reaction commands when Sora picks up one of the many Claymores he releases. Prepare to use those reaction commands a lot and prepare for the fight of your life!
“Can you feel it… the moon’s power?
Organization XIII have proved to be more than Nobodies as they rule as being the longest running Antagonists in the Kingdom Hearts game series (besides Maleficent) and now, with Kingdom Hearts XIII, we will see the ‘true’ XIII. Which members of the organization did you find the hardest to beat? Let us know in the comments!