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Grimoire Manastorm Enters Steam


Sick and tired of the same old multiplayer shooters?
Head shots just not the same anymore?
Well Grimoire Manastorm may be the resolution to your problems. Start a new adventure where the regular old ammo and cover systems have evolved to be genre-blending mechanics that will reward a player’s cleverness just as much as their speed.
Take on the powers of a wizard to employ immovable objects and unrelenting forces, then watch as they collide in an almighty array of explosions. Use your almighty powers to raise magical barriers when your enemies are bringing down a shower of meteors, travel instantaneously, rip apart the very fabric of space and time and summon deadly blizzards.

Grimoire Manastorm is available through Steam’s Early Access but from the 23rd of April at 10am the game will be free until the 26th of April at 1pm as part of the Steam Free Weekend.