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Google and Android Releases Find My Phone Feature


Finally, an application comparable to the popular ‘Find My iPhone’ app available for Android devices.
Google have recently added a handy new feature to make life that little bit easier. When you google the term ‘find my phone’, you’ll be able to call up your Android device which then shows where your phone is on a map. You will also be able to ring your phone, lock it or wipe it completely.
The Google speech function is also available as a feature on Chrome. All you need to do is say the words ‘find my phone’ and the browser will do the rest.
findmyphoneThe tool is ideally built for desktop but you can use your mobile too as long as you have the latest version of the Google app.
For many Android users, this feature may sound familiar. When the company introduced the Android Device Manager tool in August 2013, it included the ability to locate a missing handset on a map, and ring it at top volume.
This week’s update, however, integrates Google Search, making it easier for customers to find their phone without navigating to a separate interface.
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