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Style Saturday: Green with Envy/Pride


It’s almost time to celebrate our national holiday – St. Patrick’s Day! In honour of March 17th, I’m dedicating this Style Saturday to the one colour I wouldn’t touch with a 10ft barge pole – green! It’s the one tradition around the day I think a lot of Irish people (still living in Ireland) still don’t fully understand – I don’t remember growing up and being forced to wear green for fear of being pinched! I do remember being forced into stuffy shirts and my Mom dashing out to the ditch and pulling the lamest weeds that looked like it might possibly pass for shamrock and pinning it to all of our ensembles!
That’s my best memory of the day and as such it’s inspired my choice for characters and these two looks – Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy and Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. Just before we delve into the looks, I did go over a little budget this time but I was aiming for looks to perfect that St. Patrick’s night out!

Poison Ivy: Accessories to die for!

Two things about this outfit before I explain my choices:
1. I went a lot over our usual budget but you can definitely swap out the earrings in this and the hipflask isn’t neccessary for this!
2. I much prefer this look to my Green Lantern one… damn!
I didn’t want to go for a garish green on this and it’s so easy to slap some red into this look and throw a green blouse over a dark green skirt and call it Poison Ivy inspired but I wanted to show there is much more to Ivy than the surface. The dress has a great length to it, it’s long enough to appease your older relatives at the family function but has enough height so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a hand-me-down from your Auntie Bridget! The V neck offers a nice line so don’t go filling it with a necklace or something that would pull focus – leave it bare! The emerald colour opal earrings are the perfect colour for this dress they are slightly darker so you don’t like a shimmery fern in the corner of the room, play with shades of green to avoid this faux-pas. These are definitely a little pricey so do shop around from something within your budget but keep the colour in mind!
I went with a simple but metallic colour shoe, silver keeping in tone with the beading in the earrings but metallic gold or bronze would also work with the dress. For accessories, I chose a simple rose ring, adding a splash of contrast to the whole outfit and the small red leather satchel is a must have, pretty and functional hiding place for that sneaky hipflask… it is St. Patrick’s Day afterall!
poison ivy
Dress €71 Earrings €62 Shoes €38 Bag €50 Hipflask €26 Ring €14

Green Lantern: Beware my power, Green Lantern’s style!

I don’t know anything about Green Lantern, I never really liked the character concept and I’ll openly admit to being somewhat terrified of the Guardians of the Universe throw in that awful Ryan Reynolds disaster movie and you’ve really turned me off the character. That said I’ve always like the Green Lantern uniforms, they are simple especially when compared to the bolder colours of his Justic League counterparts (okay Batman’s is somewhat monotone but it’s still pretty… flashy!).

I didn’t want to overload this look with the colour, the focus here is that stiff bright shirt, the slim smart trousers in black really help the colour pop. As I’ve said before I don’t like dress shoes but a fresh pair of converse always make me feel like I haven’t lost myself in a ‘smart’ outfit. I was torn about accessorising the shirt with a straight tie or the dickie bow but the bow won out, I didn’t want the tie to pull focus from the shirt so the bowtie works best.

For accessories I went with a bright watch, it’s no Lantern Ring but it definitely makes a statement and compliments the overall look.

Shirt €49 Pants €34 Shoes €49 Bowtie €35 Watch €36
Total €167